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Groupe MC2's Vision

Groupe MC2 is here to serve its clients with longevity and proper foundation. We are a young and dynamic team ready to meet the challenges.

We offer a range of services that will satisfy each of your needs.


Who we are


Groupe MC2 is a civil engineering consultant service. It specializes itself in concrete plants certification based on industry norm NQ 2621-905. In addition, they also provide quality control technicians, ISO 9001 certified laboratory testing, on-site training for your team and unique consultation to help you get a competitive edge from the current market.


Our mission is to be a key partner for our clients. We want to ensure the best return on investment and protect the interests of each enterprise where Groupe MC2 will be called upon to offer its services.

Why Choose Groupe MC2


Why choose us?

  • Groupe MC2 is a group of civil engineering consultants. It should be noted that MC2 stands for “Matériaux de Construction et de conseils” which, actually means “building materials and advice”. As a well-structured team, we’re positive we can help your enterprise reach their goals.
  • We’re here to help and contribute to your existing services. We want to bring the best of our knowledge to your team or take total or partial control of your technical outsourcing needs.
  • Working with Groupe MC2 is a guarantee of success and longevity.

Contact us

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514-265-1755 Montréal

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